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The foundation of any site is the CMS or content management system. It depends on the functional, the ability of easy administration of the site, the speed of work and the potential for search engine optimization.

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WordPress development services work for the users’ benefits. That’s why millions of people use them. Prior to the official release, all updates and additions are tested and debugged. The number of sites made with WordPress is always growing, as many people know about its significant advantages.

Its distinctive features are simplicity, reliability, multi-platform, non-stopping development and a free distribution method, which allows to significantly reduce development costs, compared to similar offers of other companies. Particular attention should be given to the possibility of high-quality internal optimization of the site and subsequent promotion in search engines.

Promotion of the website on WordPress is much easier and more efficient than on most other CMS. This is facilitated by a wide range of additional engine tools that facilitate the SEO work.

The main tasks facing the company's website are:

  • Organization of a new sales channel.
  • Expansion of the company's geography.
  • Optimization of communication costs of the company.
  • Creation of a new system of relationships with customers and partners.

The essence of all recommendations is that any literate site is a tool for interacting with a finite number of target groups in which the site owner is interested. To realize the possibilities of using the Internet and effectively solve the tasks assigned to it, its following components are:

1. Information content of the site (information sufficiency, quality, and adaptation of materials, forms and format of information provided, relevance and accuracy of information, structure convenience, accents, etc.).

2. Functionality of the site (modules for working with information, product presentation and order formation, feedback, etc.).

3. Website usability (navigation, search, interfaces, forms, help, etc.).

4. Visual embodiment (synergy with information structure and functionality, brand reflection, attractiveness, uniqueness, use of multimedia, etc.).

5. Technical implementation (optimization of pages and graphics, compatibility with browsers, OS, program module errors, site availability, security, etc.).

6. Marketing component (addresses, search engines, and catalogs, links to the site and citation, means of gathering information about visitors to the site, attendance and behavioral line on the site, working with the site's audience, reflecting the marketing policy of the company).

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